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The Premier Landscape of Islamic Financing Fintech Consulting Services

z Our fintech consulting services are backed by the Islamic financing knowledge of our experts who help clients globally attain financial advantages by establishing a financial sector based on Sharia principles.

At The New Consultancy, we help clients adapt to changing business conditions by offering fintech Islamic consultancy services in all major Islamic areas. We aim to provide financial institutions and sectors with fintech consulting services of a diverse nature to remodel their business based on Islamic values and ethics. The diverse expertise of our team will help clients navigate the complexities of their business and stay ahead of competitors.

Major Islamic Financing Fintech Consultancy Services

The expertise of fintech consultants in Islamic finance plays a significant role in meeting higher standards. Proper knowledge of Islamic Sharia principles and resource availability are the main determinants of the skills and capabilities of consultants. Here, you will learn about the services that come under the Islamic financing fintech consultancy domain.

Availability Of Sharia-Compliant Financial Solutions

It is a core task of every fintech consulting services company to offer Sharia-compliant financial solutions to individuals and financial companies. By offering valuable pieces of advice and proper guidance Islamic consultants need to foster an environment of change that says welcome to Islamic principles and laws.

Structuring Of Islamic Financial Products And Services

The aim of financial consultancy for businesses is not only to offer Sharia-compliant financial solutions to clients but help in the structuring of products and services. Consultants aim to foster an environment where Islamic financing principles are truly applied in every sphere of business whether they are products or services. Given below is the list of Islamic financial products and services on which Islamic consultants offer proper guidance.

  • Wadiah
  • Hawala
  • Takaful
  • Musharakah
  • Murabahah
  • Sukuk
Advisory Services For Islamic Financial Transactions

It becomes necessary for almost every financial institution to comply with FATF rules and regulations while performing financial transaction duties. So, Islamic consultants aim to offer guidance to clients on how to adapt to principles in the financial sphere while following all FATF rules along with money laundering regulations. With this guidance, financial institutions can build a better repute in the international market.

Compliance With Islamic Finance Principles

Not all financial institutions possess enough capabilities and resources to conduct their business in the true essence of Islamic principles. They need guidance on how to adapt to Islamic principles in their daily routine activities of business. Only the right financing consulting services agency can offer proper guidance on this matter. So, its important for you to make the right decision when it comes to the process of consultancy company selection. Only with the aid of the right consultancy agency, you can comply with Islamic finance principles

Proper Financial Analysis & Remodeling Process

In the process of financial analysis and remodeling, fintech consultants offer guidance on things that need to be upgraded. This process is based on SWOT analysis, where consultants through proper investigation learn about the strengths and weaknesses of clients financial institutions. After this analysis, the consultant recommends some remedies that aid the clients business in the adjustment to Islamic values and principles in all financial matters.

Provision Of Training Courses

Provisions of training courses to the employees of clients also come under the duties of fintech consulting agents. Without a proper employee training process no financial institution can successfully adopt Islamic principles in their business. Employees are considered the agents of change and without their training, it is impossible to foster an environment that follows all Sharia laws in all financial matters and dealings.

So, it is the core duty of consultants to ensure that the staff of their clients possess enough knowledge and skills to adapt to every changing circumstance.

Full Suite Islamic Financial System

Offering a full-suite Islamic financial system also comes under the domain of the Islamic finance company. In this full suite comes all digital assets-banking applications and data warehouse- that need an upgrade to comply with Islamic principles and laws. Apart from offering technical assistance, Islamic consultants also need to make certain that the staff of clients possess all technical knowledge about the operation of digital assets.

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