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Safeguard Digital Realm With TNC Cyber Security Consultancy

Information has become one of the most authentic tools to conquer the digital realm through different strategies like theft and manipulation. The reliance of the business community on digital tools has never been greater before because of the dependence of every minor business task on it. At TNC, we help our clients fortify their digital realm through guidance and valuable advice on how to counter or mitigate cyber security threats in advance.The main task of our expert cyber security consultancy team is to identify current or future potential threats through security evaluation and to propose or implement tailored solutions to safeguard our clients digital assets. The cyber security consulting services efforts of the TNC team do not remain limited to guidance only but propose a working solution to counter or mitigate any kind of cyber threat.


Why TNC Cyber Security Consultancy?

As one of the leading cyber security consultancy agencies, our team fully acknowledges the rapidly changing digital realm problems and the need for a comprehensive tailored approach to combat all forms of cyber threats whether in the form of Viruses & Malware or Phishing & Ransomware. We believe in actions rather than words when it comes to combating any form of cyber threat. For that purpose, we follow all standard consulting practices and methods to bolster our clients defense mechanism.

Detailed Assessment & Analysis Process

In the detailed assessment and analysis process, our team conducts a thorough audit of our clients overall IT infrastructure. We run different kinds of diagnostic checks with the aid of different kinds of high-profile tools to assess the overall network health. As far as assessment and analysis tools are concerned, the TNC team won’t disappoint you.


It Helps to connect and centralize all mitigation strategies in one place through proper assessment of all types of risks.


Best tool for incident response and complaint management. It proves useful in the assessment of cyber attacks and proposes mitigation plans.


Archer Helps to detect critical assets, establish security rules and regulations, and propose proper remedies for security deficiencies.


It is an AI-driven tool that proves useful in the detection and prevention of any kind of cyber threat and proposes a mitigation plan.

During this process, the focus of our team is on the identification of clients system vulnerabilities and developing proper protection strategies.

Identify System Vulnerabilities & Risks

While performing the duties of system vulnerabilities and risk assessment, our team makes sure that our clients systems remain intruder-free. To make this happen our experts follow different standard protocols with the aid of the above-mentioned assessment tools.

Develop Protection Strategies

Proper Incident Response & Management Center

Our incident response and management center is the backbone of our agency and offers valuable contributions to risk assessment and protection. The main aim of our incident response center is to inform our clients about security breaches and follow up a proper mitigation process to speed up damage and recovery protocols. TNC incident response and management teams are highly qualified in the relevant areas and have all the required resources to smooth-line clients' operations in every circumstance.

How We Work

How We Work

Immediate Response To Security Breaches

The impact of any kind of cyber threat depends on the response level to security breaches. Our vigilant team of cyber security consultants offers you valuable advice on how to upgrade the security alert mechanism of our clients by building the required infrastructure. With the aid of our guidance, our clients can easily build alert mechanisms that inform immediately when a security breach happens.

Follow-Up Damages & Recovery Protocols

Our insightful knowledge and expertise in damage and recovery protocols help us to be efficient in the mitigation phase. Our main priority is to guide our clients on how to restore the affected system immediately without leaving an impact on routine work exercises. Our team follow-up procedure during that phase is very crucial to normalize all system activities in case of any cyber threat

Identify The Nature Of the Incident

Identify The Nature Of the Incident

Identify Affected Systems

Identify Affected Systems

Run Containment Strategies

Run Containment Strategies

Prepare A Response Plan

Prepare A Response Plan

Start Recovery Plan

Start Recovery Plan

Upgrade Security Protocols 

Upgrade Security Protocols 

Security Compliance & Regulation Mechanism

Cyber security advisory services of TNC also prove beneficial when it comes to ensuring staff compliance with security and regulation mechanisms. Our team will make sure our client’s staff has enough understanding of Internet etiquette and Internet safety tips. To make this happen, TNC offers cyber security courses to the staff of our clients to improve their awareness about how to safe internet use protocols.

Assistance With Regulatory Compliance

Cyber security support services of The New Consultancy also assist clients staff to comply with internet usage regulations. This way our team will make certain to reduce the chances of cyber attacks happening. Our team follows standard regulatory practices to make this happen.

  • Review All Available Gaps
  • Improve Security Measures
  • Design Plan For Best Practices
  • Implement Best Practices
  • Run Periodic Audits

How We Work

Adherence To Industry Standards

In the end, our team which consists of the best cyber security consultants makes certain that all of our client's staff adhere to all industry trends that prove useful to mitigate or eliminate upcoming cyber threats. Staff negligence most of the time proves a significant part of most cyberattacks and our team will ensure your staff remains vigilant cornering following essential protocols.

Why Choose TNS For Cyber Security Consultancy

The New Consultancy is one of the pioneers in the field of cyber security consultancy. To serve our clients with the utmost integrity and display an act of professionalism is our plus point. Still confused about why you should hire the TNC team for cyber consultancy? Read the following plus points that make TNC a better consulting agency.

Expertise & Experience

Our team's expertise and experience in the field of Cyber Security are a source of our success as a leading consultancy agency.

Proven Success Record

Positive client reviews and testimonials are proof of our excellence in the consultancy field and the reason why we are so successful in this area

Tailored Solutions

Our team's ability to offer tailored solutions to our client's needs is what makes us better in the area of cyber security consultancy.